About Startvolt

The history of design and manufacture of generators and starters StartVOLT is non-typical of Russia. While taking leading positions in many fields of science, the Russian scientist not always could find practical application for many solutions that were born before their times. The same situation was created in the area of automotive production. The story of design of generators StartVOLT has become a model of unique combination of innovative scientific research with technological and financial resources.

Any story starts with a personality. A honored worker of the military industrial complex of the USSR, a candidate of engineering science, Shibaev Victor Ivanovich applies his scientific knowledge and experience accumulated for decades by dealing with… repairs and improving generators and starters.


Shibaev V.I. had an opportunity to implement in practice the vastest experience in automobile manufacturing after addressing a proposal to one of the leading enterprise in car accessories supplies – the MC Carville. Drawings and calculations suggested by the inventor were impressive indeed – he proposed to increase capacity of generators and starters available on the market almost twice, without the production cost increased!

The allocated funds allowed for production of prototype samples of generators and starters that took just one year and a half and completely confirmed (or even exceeded by some performance characteristics) the values calculated. Having obtained practical confirmation of the calculations, the team headed by Shibaev V.I. proceeded to the arrangement of industrial production of generators and starters of a new type.

Production of generators and starters was established on the experimental ground of the department of development and technical control at the MC Carville. Orders for injection moulds and stator and rotor assemblies were placed at two best known enterprises of Saint Petersburg. Electronic components (diode bridges, voltage regulators, microprocessors…) made in Japan and rightly considered to be the most reliable and durable, were selected. Conveyor for final assembly, adjusting, and testing of generators and starters was arranged with due consideration of modern technology requirements specified by enterprise of BOSH Group. 


Mini-conveyor for production of generators and starters began functioning. The decision was taking on manufacturing generators and starters of a new type under StartVOLT («STARTVOLT») trademark. In this name, two items were combined: starters (abbreviated to «Старт») and generators (with direct name replaced by the implied one - «ВОЛЬТ»).

In the same year 2010, StartVOLT generators became the winner in an independent test carried out by a magazine “ZaRulem” (“Behind the Wheel”) (No9, 2010, p. 150).



Supplies of complete actual assortment of generators and starters for domestic cars VAZ, GAZ, and UAZ commenced.

The foundation of development of improved generators and starters for trucks and foreign cars was laid, with commencement of supplies planned for the third and fourth quarters of 2013.

Besides, supplies of new product lines began (auto electrics and auto electronics), including but not limited to washer pumps, windshield wiper gear reducers, heater pumps, and options for generators and starters.


The beginning of the year is marked with the most significant event – replacement of the voltage regulator construction by the regulator with a Motorola chip, as well as changing a complete set of all generators, viz. availability of an individual technical datasheet with a trademark individual number marked on each generator – know-how on the Russian market.

New groups of products (induction coils, interlock activators) come. For the second and third quarters, it is planned to launch new product lines: spark plug wires, sensors (wide range of electronic engine control system sensors), fuel pumps, window lifter gear reducers, etc.).


We just begin writing our history!

Currently, StartVOLT forms a part of MC Carville, which represents on an exclusive basis the interests, and ensures marketing and distribution of products of several brands - LUZAR, AIRLINE, TRIALLI, StartVOLT, INMOTION. The Managing company Carville aims at construction of an efficient system of marketing products of diverse product categories within the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

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